Seahawks Fan Gets Tattoo on Her Head in Hopes of Securing Super Bowl Tickets

  • Seattle Seahawks
    Anthony Bolante / Reuters
By Myles Collier, Christian Post Contributor
January 27, 2014|9:09 am

In an attempt to win tickets to this year's Super Bowl a diehard Seattle Seahawks fan proved her devotion to the team by shaving part of her head and getting a Seahawks themed tattoo.

McKenzie Jane Brown, who already has a number of tattoos, said she is happy about the new ink and has no regrets. Brown originally got the tattoo after hearing a local radio station was giving away two tickets to last week's divisional playoff game in Seattle against the San Francisco 49ers.

While she did not win tickets to that game she hopes her act warrants tickets to this year's big game.

Brown's husband Matt is an artist at a local tattoo shop and created the tattoo which features the Seahawk logo placed over the number "12." The fan base for the Seahawks are referred to as the twelfth man due to the noise home fans make during games.

"I always wanted to have a Seahawks tattoo, but I didn't want a logo to interrupt the other tattoos," she said. "That's why I felt the head would be perfect."

Still, even though Brown has been a fan since she was young she has never had the chance to go to a game in person.

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"I was really hoping the first one would be the playoffs," she said.

While Brown did not win the radio contest put on by 98.3 The Key, she still is happy she got the new artwork.

"I came in second, but nothing else changed," she said. "I may have a little bit of an itchy head, but I'm still loud and proud."

Brown plans to keep the tattoo exposed until the Super Bowl and will grow her hair back after the game. She is planning on shaving her head for the 2014 season.

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