Samsung Galaxy S3 Release Destroys Apple iPhone in Global Market Sales

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    Photo courtesy of Samsung
    Samsung Galaxy S3 image
By Daniel Blake, Christian Post Contributor
July 17, 2012|1:46 pm

The Samsung Galaxy S3's release has seen the Korean-based company extend the gap against Apple and Nokia in the global smartphone sales market. Thanks to the amazingly popular launch of Samsung's next generation landmark Galaxy S device the company had huge second quarter sales.

Samsung and Apple have been fighting it out in the smartphone sales war for years, and the battle has even resulted in numerous patent lawsuits being filed throughout the world as the two tech. giants look to stumble each other up in different regions.

However, thanks for Samsung's launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3 in May, the company has excelled in the sales department across the globe. According to a survey of 41 analysts Samsung is estimated to have sold 50 million smartphone devices in the second quarter of 2012. That is in comparison to Apple's 30.5 million sales for its iPhone devices.

Samsung has numerous smartphones out on the market and optimizes the Android operating system for its leading smartphones. However, Apple's core smartphone sales come through just the iPhone 4S, which was released in 2011, and the iPhone 4, which is a year older on the market.

Nokia had reigned at the top of the pile in global smartphone market sales for a massive 14 years previously, but they are now falling behind fast, and both Samsung and Apple are constantly eating away at consumers choosing Nokia.

The impressive sales of the Samsung Galaxy S3 has sparked rumors that Apple is now looking to bring forward its release date for its next generation smartphone, the iPhone 5. It is now believed the device could be released as early as August, although other analysts have suggested a September or October release date is still more likely on the cards. When the iPhone 5 is released it is predicted Apple will see a huge rise in sales that could match if not beat Samsung's Galaxy S3 demand.

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