Photographer Captures Jesus Standing in the Clouds?

By Nicola Menzie, Christian Post Reporter
September 6, 2011|1:31 pm

A French photographer scanning a mountainous region for a good shot could not have asked for anything better after capturing a "divine figure" standing on the clouds with a halo surrounding it.

Luc Perrot had climbed about 2,000 feet to the top of Cirque of Mafate on Réunion Island in the Indian Ocean to get a video recording of a unique shot when the Frenchman found himself staring at an unusual figure standing in the clouds.

"I was making a time-lapse video with the movement of clouds above the Cirque of Mafate when I began scanning the horizon for a good shot," Perrot told British publication the Daily Mail.

"As I looked up I noticed a shadow floating on clouds surrounded by a rainbow. When I looked back at the footage, it gave me the feeling of divine apparition," Perrot explained. "When I saw the footage I realized the figure was surmounted by a white arc, which reminded me very much of a halo."

But does Perrot believe the "divine apparition" to be Jesus?

"It can probably be explained scientifically," the amateur photographer told the British newspaper. "There are lots of different climatic phenomena like the Brocken specter and fogbows, but it does look amazing and is unique."

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Perrot recorded the image in July of this year.

According to the Atmospheric Optics website dedicated to such phenomena, a Brocken specter may indeed have been at play in Perrrot's video recording, meaning the "divine figure" captured on film was actually the photographer himself.

"The Brocken Specter appears when a low sun is behind a climber who is looking downwards into mist from a ridge or peak," reads an explanation on the Atmospheric Optics website, which offers a photo gallery of images similar to Perrot's.

Despite the scientific explanation for the "divine" apparition Perrot spotted 2,000 feet in the air, explanations have rarely been offered for other believed apparitions of Jesus spotted on everyday items like store receipts, frying pans, and tree stumps.

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