Obama Speech Today Live Stream: Watch Online Democratic National Convention 2012 (Schedule Time 10PM)

By Daniel Blake, Christian Post Contributor
September 6, 2012|7:11 pm

President Barack Obama will make his speech tonight at the Democratic National Convention, and will officially accept his nomination to be the Democrat presidential candidate for this year's elections. President Obama's speech can be watched online through live stream (details below).

Following on from speeches by First Lady Michelle Obama and Former President Bill Clinton at the DNC 2012 over the past two nights, many Democrats are hugely optimistic at Obama's chances of being re-elected in a few months down the line.


Antonio Villaraigosa, chairman of the Democratic convention and mayor of Los Angeles has said at a USA TODAY Newsmakers session, "President Obama has been given the baton, and I think he's going to get over the finish line tonight. The president is going to make crystal clear the choices ahead."

Bill Clinton made the case on Wednesday night for President Obama's re-election, gaining standing ovations numerous times by the thousands of Democrats gathered at the Time Warner Cable Arena.

Obama's campaign is previewing Thursday night's convention speech with a video entitled "Promises Kept."

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"From cutting taxes for middle-class families to bringing about comprehensive health care reform to re-investing in education and infrastructure, President Obama has kept his promise to rebuild America for millions of families," said the Obama campaign in an e-mail.

Obama senior adviser David Plouffe has also said the president would give voters "a very clear sense of where he thinks the country needs to go economically, the path we need to take."

The president's speech has been moved from the outdoor Bank of America stadium to the much smaller Time Warner arena because of adverse weather conditions, leaving thousands of Obama fans who had hoped to catch the speech live disappointed.


Obama has said, "The problem was a safety issue. I couldn't ask you, volunteers, first-responders … to subject yourself to the risks of a severe thunderstorm."

"My main message is we can't let a little thunder and lightning get us down," said Obama. "We just got to roll with it."

President Barack Obama's speech at the DNC 2012 will take place from 10 p.m. ET and can be watched online through live stream by clicking here.

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