NeNe Leakes Pressing Charges Against Kenya Moore?

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By Christine Thomasos, Christian Post Reporter
November 5, 2013|9:42 am

NeNe Leakes may be looking to press charges against her fellow cast member on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," Kenya Moore.

In the first episode of the sixth season of the Bravo reality television series, viewers witnessed Moore confront Leakes about inviting her ex-boyfriend to the latter's wedding and not reaching out during tough times. After Leakes, the 45-year-old actress, attempted to walk away from the situation, Moore grabbed her ear in an attempt to make her point.

Leakes took to Twitter to insinuate that she may be pressing charges against the 42-year-old former Miss USA when the show aired.

"Did u see her grabbing my ear? Now if I put my hands on somebody like that, they would b sayin 'Nene assaulted me,'" Leakes tweeted. "I think I'll press charges n the morning."

She decided to take to her personal website, to blog about the matter.

"My Twitter blew up and my phone just about caught on fire when Kenya grabbed my ear. I have come a long ways baby," Leakes wrote. "I know when somebody wants a reaction out of me for their own purposes. I know water is free in America, but so many of these girls are thirsty!"

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Still, the actress revealed why she would not give Moore a physical reaction.

"I'm not willing to risk what I have, what I have worked for, and what I have become for somebody that has been on a 20 year hiatus," Leakes wrote. "Now had that been me all up in somebody's personal space, I would be called a bully, violent, aggressive, mean, and everything else, but it's OK for people to violate me?"

While Moore said she and Leakes once got along, she recently spoke to Access Hollywood about why they may now have issues.

"She was off in Hollywood and she had her other projects going," Moore said. "People make a problem with you because they want to have a problem with you."

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