Miss Texas Brooke Daniels Sued by NFL Star for $77,000 Engagement Ring

By Benge Nsenduluka, CP Reporter
February 8, 2012|3:17 pm

Miss Texas 2009 Brooke Daniels was sued by her ex-boyfriend NFL wide receiver Roy Williams, after rejecting his marriage proposal and keeping the $77,000 ring.

Daniels, previously crowned 2009 Miss Texas USA, is said to have been living with Williams for over a year before she received an engagement ring from the Dallas Cowboys star via mail.

In the mailed package, Williams is said to have included a baseball, a pre-recorded marriage proposal video and $5000 which Daniels had allegedly requested to pay for "school and dental bills."

Although it is unclear why Daniels rejected Williams' unusual proposal, the pageant queen refused to marry him but kept the ring which prompted a lawsuit, according to the Odessa American newspaper.

Williams charged that Daniels had no right to keep the ring because she denied his proposal, although sources say that he insisted Daniels keep it initially after being rejected.

Six weeks after learning that she was being sued, Daniels allegedly claimed to have lost the $77,000 sparkler which Williams had insured.

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Some critics questioned whether Daniels had actually lost it, or whether she was attempting to find a way out of Williams' lawsuit.

After an insurance investigation, officials discovered that Daniels' father, Michael Daniels, had somehow gained possession of the ring who argued that Williams insisted that his daughter keep the ring after rejecting his proposal because he was confident that she would change her mind.

Both Daniels and her father eventually agreed to return the ring to avoid the implications of Williams' lawsuit.

"I want to wash my hands of it. It's just a hassle. I'll take care of my daughter. I don't need him," Mr. Daniels told OA Online.

Williams' lawyer supervised the ring exchange which resulted in his client finally receiving the ring back, putting an end to the lawsuit.

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