Michelle Obama Outshines Oscars Gowns at Governor's Dinner

  • Michelle Obama
    (Photo: Reuters/Jonathan Ernst)
    President Obama shares a toast with Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (center) and first lady Michelle Obama during a White House dinner for the National Governors Association dinner.
By Emma Koonse, Christian Post Reporter
February 27, 2012|4:50 pm

Michelle Obama has dazzled in a sequined cream gown at the White House Sunday that rivals those found at the Oscar Awards the same night.

The First Lady of the U.S. hosted the Governor's Dinner in an asymmetric pale dress that donned a chiffon bow on one shoulder and a crystal and sequin-embellished bodice.

Obama's press representatives have not confirmed the gown's maker, but the gown has already made waves with style commentators.

The dress is rumored to be the work of designer Jenny Peckham who has dressed Kate Middleton and Kate Beckinsale, according to The Huffington Post.

Despite the fashion buzz surrounding Sunday night's Oscar Awards and the A-list celebrity gowns, Obama's gown has been labeled "gorgeous" and "stunning" by online bloggers.

"Absolute perfection!" wrote one fan online, while another added, "She would have been Best Dressed on the Red Carpet, for sure."

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"She is just stunning," wrote Robla. "And the dress and all just enhances her more."

The First Lady has spearheaded efforts to lessen child obesity, and has caught flack for the high-calorie meal served during Sunday's Governor's Dinner. Among the dishes served were ribeye steak, creamed spinach, crab macaroni and cheese, and a pear tart with ice cream as dessert, according to White House Dossier.

The website alleges that the White House "epically failed to practice what its First Lady preaches," and criticism has sparked over the evening's menu boasting items that are opposite to those found in menus proposed by Obama for elementary schools.

White House representatives have not responded to the criticism about Sunday evening's menu.

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