Mackenzie Douthit 'Turns to God' With Pregnancy Fears, Stress

  • Mackenzie Douthit
    (Photo: Twitter)
    "Teen Mom 3" star Mackenzie Douthit.
By Sami K. Martin, Christian Post Reporter
November 4, 2013|9:10 am

"Teen Mom 3" star Mackenzie Douthit is in the midst of her second pregnancy and trusting God to help her through what could be a dangerous time for her and her unborn child.

Doctors did not want the 19-year-old to get pregnant again, given her type 1 diabetes, which could have a serious impact on her health and that of her unborn child. Douthit has already been hospitalized once during this pregnancy due to low blood sugar, which nearly caused her to pass out. Yet she is determined to give birth to her baby girl with husband Josh McKee.

"Sometimes I go to my room and break down and just cry to let it all out," Douthit told Life & Style about the stress she's under. "I've done that so many times through this pregnancy. I feel selfish because I really am blessed with a lot. My pregnancy hormones are out of whack and when my blood sugar is all messed up, I just feel like the worst mother ever."

"I don't even know why I feel that way," she added. "I hate feeling like I'm not in control and I feel like I don't have control over my body sometimes when it messes up like that."

The "Teen Mom" star went through her first pregnancy with son Gannon when she was only 16 years old. She and boyfriend McKee decided to appear on MTV's "16 & Pregnant," and then go on to appear on "Teen Mom 3." Their relationship has been tumultuous but the couple managed to weather the storms and married earlier this year.

Faith is important to Douthit and her family; she publicly identifies as a Christian on the series and through her Twitter account, which she often uses to tweet Bible verses. One picture of Gannon has the caption, "Gan knows we go to church to pray." And Douthit is trusting God to protect her during this pregnancy as well.

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"I just turn to God and he always brings me through it," she explained. "I'm a fighter and I will fight to keep my family together. It's so important to me to have a big family."

"Teen Mom 3" airs Monday nights on MTV.

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