'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' K. Michelle's Teeth Before Surgery Resurfaces

By Christine Thomasos , Christian Post Reporter
August 28, 2012|4:22 pm

"Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" cast member K. Michelle became the subject of controversy when the singer accused music producer and former boyfriend Mickey "Memphitz" Wright of domestic violence. After Memphitz told the world that he "made" K.Michelle by getting her teeth fixed along with other cosmetic procedures, pictures of her former chompers have begun to surface.

  • K.Michelle
    (PHOTO/K. Michelle) Twitter: @kmichelle
    K.Michelle is currently embroiled in a feud with Toya Wright
  • K. Michelle
    (Photograph: Twitter/ Laija Baija)
    Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta's K.Michelle before dental surgery.

K. Michelle, born Kimberly Paton, has not denied receiving cosmetic surgery on her mouth and even took to Instagram to poke fun of herself.

"I love these new teeth! Hahahahahaha," the singer wrote on her Instagram account on Monday, showcasing her new smile. "No more chewing rocks for me."

However, some fans seemed shocked to see what her former teeth looked like when an image surfaced on Twitter.

"These K. Michelle's old teeth," one person questioned on the social networking website. "Thanks Memphitz a little."

When K. Michelle first appeared on "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" to speak about her ex-boyfriend allegedly hitting her, the music industry executive decided to tell the world that he paid for her teeth among other body parts.

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"As I was installing the Teeth, (expletive), and (expletive) you're Flaunting, I forgot to tell you about the Growing Nose I threw in Pinocchio," Memphitz tweeted last June. "Lol. @kmichelle I made you. -Mr. Gepetto."

However, multiple people supported the singer and her new teeth in the image that was "favorited" by 12,000 people on Instagram.

"Pretty smile," one person wrote.

Another person on Twitter defended the singer's right to get new teeth.

"So what if K. Michelle's teeth are fake," a fan tweeted. "She paid for em and they r white! (SIC)"

Still, another person said they wanted teeth like the singer.

"I need to get those Hollywood teeth like K. Michelle got. #NewPearlyWhites," the person tweeted.

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