Kris Jenner Headed to Rehab? Khloe Kardashian Blasts Mother's Drinking

By Benge Nsenduluka , CP Reporter
June 26, 2012|10:13 am

Sunday night's episode of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" left some viewers fearful that Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner may have a drinking problem.

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    Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner

During the episode the Kardashian family went on a family vacation to the Dominican Republic and at one point, Jenner's drinking became the main focus of conversation among some family members.

Upon arrival, Jenner was told that she has a surprise to which she is heard responding, "I think I need a yellow drink for that!" while reaching for what appears to be a cocktail.

Later she decides to drive a jet ski after drinking alcohol, which was much to the dismay of her daughter Khloe, 28.

"My mom is really nuts. I don't think you're supposed to operate vehicles or heavy machinery once you're heavily intoxicated, and this b---- just decides to get on a jet ski with her prized possession on the back, Kim," a concerned Khloe said.

Jenner then attempts to straddle a floating Penguin in the swimming pool before tumbling off, which prompted Khloe to yell "Mom's drunk!"

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Viewers of the E! reality TV show flocked to social networking site Twitter to weigh in on Jenner's drunken antics.

"Umm Kris Jenner needs to go to rehab. #psycho," Alexa Bergin tweeted.

"Kris jenner talking on her cell phone while driving, drunk on a jet ski & doing keg stands w/her kids. & WHY do people hate her?" Fagsy Malone tweeted.

"There's nothing funnier than Kris Jenner drunk on The Kardashians" Kim Trepel tweeted.

Jenner's irresponsible behavior has led one Beverly Hills Addiction Specialist and Consultant to believe that she may have a drinking "problem" which requires rehabilitation.

"If anyone says 'I need a drink' that is a major warning sign. When people say I need a drink, that's a problem," Marty Brenner told

"They cross an invisible line and most alcoholics don't know they've crossed it yet. When they say I need a drink, that's trouble. It's the beginning of concerns. If it's [near] the kids, she already has a problem. If it is a concern, it's a problem. The actual individual won't think she has one, but she does," he added.

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