Beyoncé Shows Reverence for God and Jesus in New Documentary

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    Beyonce and her mother Tina
By Christine Thomasos, Christian Post Reporter
February 18, 2013|9:39 am

Beyoncé Knowles' "Life Is But a Dream" premiered on Saturday and highlighted the singer's faith in God.

When Beyoncé, 31, began her music career 16 years ago, she made it clear that she was raised as a Methodist Christian. While the singer has not been as vocal about her faith in recent years, "Life Is But a Dream" gave fans a glimpse of her spiritual side.

In one scene with her husband and rap mogul Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter, Beyoncé thanks Jesus after experiencing a feeling she called "utopia." The singer's husband is filming her in a scene where she is surrounded by rays of sunlight before jumping into a body of water.

"I am experiencing utopia. Life could not be more perfect. Everything that we worked for is right here … thanks be to Jesus," Beyoncé tells Jay-Z in the HBO documentary. "Look what God created. And my nephew's song comes on. Of course. Life is but a dream!"

The moment is not the only one where Beyoncé shows her reverence for God in the film. In another scene, the entertainer becomes emotional when she speaks about her grandmother's prayers having a direct impact on the blessings in her life.

"I don't know why I'm so fortunate and so blessed," she said in "Life is But a Dream." "I know my mom always told me that my grandmother was in the church lighting candles for her and I am a result of my grandmother's prayers and my mother prays for me all the time and I pray for my mother all the time."

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The singer went on to describe the reality of God.

"God is real and God lives inside of me and inside of all of us and it doesn't matter where I am, I know that and I feel it," Beyoncé said in between takes, showcasing her 1-year-old daughter Blue Ivy. "Like right now I'm hot – it's a tingling. It's love. I feel it when I look at my child, I feel it when I look at my husband. It's God."

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