Beyonce Sets Rules for Kim Kardashian, Reality Star 'Not Allowed to Talk About' Singer

By Benge Nsenduluka , CP Reporter
July 6, 2012|9:35 am

Beyonce Knowles has reportedly warned Kim Kardashian not to speak about her if she wants to remain a part of her tight knit circle, it has been revealed.

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    Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian attend the 2012 BET awards

The Grammy award-winning singer was reportedly reluctant to embrace the reality TV star initially, but has since let her guard down to satisfy her husband Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter's best friend Kanye West. Kardashian has been dating West for over two months, according to Life & Style Magazine.

"Kim has wanted to be friends with Beyoncé forever. From the moment she started dating Kanye, it was her goal to hang with Bey," a source told Life & Style.

Beyonce, who is always sure to keep her distance from Kardashian in public, reportedly dismissed the E! reality star as being "tacky" upon their first meeting but has since had a slight change of heart.

"Beyoncé thinks Kim is great for Kanye. She and Jay have never seen him this content with a girlfriend. They're a great match," the source said.

"They're really getting along well. Kim loves playing with Bey's daughter, Blue Ivy. Kim and Beyoncé just laugh and hang out like normal girlfriends," the source added.

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Despite 30-year-old Beyonce finally accepting Kardashian into her inner circle, which includes A-list celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, the 31-year-old has been told that she is "not allowed to talk about" Beyonce.

"[Kim would] be kicked out of the clique so quickly if she made any misstep," the insider explained.

"Kim has to earn everyone's trust. So she's respecting Beyoncé's privacy- and it fits in with the more private, post-divorce persona she wants anyway," the source added.

While new reports suggest that Beyonce and Kardashian have become friends, some sources claim that is far from the truth, and that the "Love On Top" singer will never accept Kardashian into her circle and that she is simply putting up a front to avoid a feud with West, 35.

"Kim and Beyonce aren't tight at all, but I don't think Kanye is going to approach Jay-Z with that nonsense. He's about making money and making music and he's leaving the temper-tantrums to the girls," a source told Hollywood Life.

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