Beyonce and Tina Knowles Slam 'Crazy' Surrogate Rumors

  • Blue Ivy Carter
    (Photo: The Carter family)
    Beyonce with her daughter, Blue Ivy Carter
By Benge Nsenduluka, CP Reporter
April 30, 2012|8:52 am

Beyonce and her mother Tina Knowles have denied that the singer used a surrogate for the birth of her first child months after the rumors first began.

The "Love On Top" singer insists that baby Blue Ivy is both her and husband Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter's biological child, and when was recently asked about her thoughts on the surrogate rumors, Beyonce says that she was shocked, according to

"That was crazy. It wasn't hurtful, it was just crazy! I [thought] 'Where did they come up with this?'" Beyonce told the publication.

While the 30-year-old revealed that she in fact had a natural birth, critics have continued questioning her pregnancy months after she sported what appeared to be a fluctuating baby bump during a 2011 interview with Australian journalist Molly Meldrum.

A video of the interview shows an evidently pregnant Beyoncé preparing to sit in her seat, and as she does her baby bump appears to deflate, which her mother Tina recently explained as being loose fabric from her clothing.

"It was a fabric that folded - does fabric not fold? Oh my gosh, so stupid! I thought it was very unfair and very cruel that someone would think that someone would be that diabolical to keep up a charade like that for nine months," Tina said.

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"As a mother it was painful for me to hear the crazy rumors. And I even had people ask me, which was so ridiculous!" she added.

The news comes less than two weeks after claims of a second child began to surface.

New reports suggest that the mother of one, who gave birth in January, and Jay-Z are ready for a second child, according to Star Magazine.

"They see no reason to wait. It took them a while to conceive Blue Ivy, so they don't want to waste another second," a source told Star.

"Beyonce and Jay-Z adore being parents, and they're as hands-on as they possibly can be. Beyonce has found a passion other than music, and it's being a mom," the source added.

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