Baby Lisa Irwin Missing: Grandfather Claims Bradley is Innocent

By Justin L. Ayoub, Christian Post Reporter
November 7, 2011|9:35 am

Lisa Irwin's grandfather came forward and said he is sure the baby’s mother, Deborah Bradley, had nothing to do with her daughter's disappearance.

David Netz, Jr., 48, told the Kansas City Star: "If they knew how Debbie prayed and prayed for a baby girl ever since her mother died because she wanted to name her Lisa...then they would know there is no way she could do anything to the baby, or God forbid, if something horrible happened, she wouldn't be able to keep that secret."

He also said Lisa's birthday is going to be emotionally straining on the family.

"That's gonna be the oh-my-God moment," he said.

"I can't even imagine what that day will be like. What will we do? How will we get through that? I don't even know how to ask Debbie and Jeremy what we should do or how to help them through that," Netz added.

Lisa turns 1-year-old on Nov.11 and has been missing for over one month. Her grandfather said Lisa's father, Jeremy Irwin, could not get away from the media.

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"My God, Debbie and Jeremy can't even relax and smoke on the back porch without seeing hidden cameras popping out of brush. It's horrible," he said.

Bradley is scrutinized by the media for changing the timeline of events on the night her daughter disappeared. She also admitted passing out drunk on the night Lisa went missing.

"People are judging whether Debbie's crying enough, or if she's crying too much, or if her lip curls up in somebody language secret, or if Jeremy doesn't show enough emotion," Netz said.

Lisa went missing on Oct. 4 and police still have not identified any suspects. However, authorities have conducted interviews all month. They interviewed Bradley's brother and the spouse of neighbor Samantha Brando, who was drinking with Bradley the night Lisa disappeared.

They have also questioned John Tanko, the neighborhood repairperson. Tanko is the ex-boyfriend of Megan Wright, who received a phone call on the night Lisa went missing from one of the Irwin family's stolen cell phones. Some speculate the cellphones were taken along with Lisa.

Police have searched Lisa’s entire home, surrounding areas and even a lake in an attempt to find the baby.

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