Ava Gardner: Deathbed Confessions Made Into New Book

By Emma Koonse, Christian Post Reporter
June 17, 2013|8:30 am

Ava Gardner made striking confessions about her life as a rich and famous actress in a new book entitled "Ava Gardner: The Secret Conversations."

After landing small roles in the early 1940's, Gardner rose to fame with 1946's "The Killers," and went on to earn an Academy Award nomination for her role in "Mogambo."

From the 1950's to the 1970's, the actress appeared in several high-profile films. She retired in 1986, four years before her death.

Although the actress has been dead for over 20 years, Gardner is still remembered as one of Hollywood's greatest talents and many believe she was the most beautiful woman of her day.

Furthermore, Gardner is a continual source of fascination due to her tumultuous marriages and even stormier affairs.

In a the new book scheduled to hit stands on July 3, Gardner revealed shocking details about her marriages, including her marriage to Frank Sinatra.

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The iconic actress had originally refused to publish her memoirs, but ultimately allowed journalist Peter Evans to ghostwrite her life story because she had lost her fortune.

"I either write the book or sell the jewels," the actress reportedly explained to Evans, as written in the book's description. "And I'm kinda sentimental about jewels."

Among the shocking confessions found in "Ava Gardner: The Secret Conversations" was that the actress' first date with Frank Sinatra included a nighttime drive through Palm Springs, Calif. where they shot at streetlights and store windows with guns.

Gardner and Sinatra went on to wed, but their six-year marriage saw several ups and downs.

Despite their divorce, both Gardner and Sinatra claim that they were the loves of each other's lives.

"Secret Conversations" also chronicles Gardner's affair with actor Robert Mitchum and millionaire Howard Hughes, who she said she never loved and deemed a racist.

The 304-page book is already receiving rave reviews and will be sold by Simon and Schuster, available July 3 on amazon.com and at bookstores everywhere.

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