Abortion Activists Curse at the Church in Texas

  • Texas Abortion Bill
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    Time-stamp altered to show vote happened before midnight. Left shows 6/26; right 6/25.
By Vincent Funaro, Christian Post Reporter
July 10, 2013|3:04 pm

Abortion activists in Texas used expletives in their protests this week against the church's support of a new bill that bans the women from aborting 20 weeks into their pregnancy.

The protesters started up a chant directed at the church expressing their disdain for the new legislation with foul language, according to Life News.

"Women must decide their fate, not the church, not the state," wrote the publication. Others chanted "[Expletive] the church, not the state."

Bryan Kemper, a member of the group Stand True, explained the protesters' actions in a tweet posted on the Life News website. "Some are saying the F word and some are not. Three of my interns confirm some dropping f bomb instead of not," he wrote.

The activism on both sides seems to feed into the "us against them" mentality touted by some Christians as it grows more and more virulent each day. In one instance, Christians were singing "Amazing Grace" while the other side chanted "Hail Satan."

Lawmakers in support of the bill confessed to receiving death threats, according to various media outlets. The Texas House passed restrictions once again on Tuesday sending the bill to the Senate for passage. Both sides of the legislature are controlled by Republicans.

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This battle in Texas over the bill has had a couple of strange occurrences such as pro-life organization Online for Life's public gratitude shown for pro-choice Texas State Senator Wendy Davis for not aborting her child when she was 19.

"Wendy's life serves as an example to women across the country facing an unplanned pregnancy and the possibility of single motherhood," wrote the group on a new website called ThankWendy.com. "Through her story we are reminded that, even in times of uncertainty and challenge, women can raise children and be wonderful examples of success."

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