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dc talk Christians Should Be Honest About Divorce and Sex; DC Talk's Kevin Max Urges Believers to Come Clean

By Vincent Funaro

DC Talk member Kevin Max appeared on the Bad Christian podcast this week where he discussed the Christian music industry, the band's origins and his public divorce. READ MORE

Kanye West Kanye West Planning Surprise Album, Will He Discuss Renewed Christian Faith?

By Vincent Funaro

Rapper producer and aspiring fashion mogul Kanye West could drop his album as a surprise any day now, according to some recent reports. READ MORE

Jesus Christ Superstar 3 Michelle Williams' 'Say Yes' Tops Hot Gospel Charts

By Christine Thomasos

Michelle Williams,the 32-year-old singer formerly of Destiny's Child, is enjoying Billboard music chart success with her new single "Say Yes." READ MORE

Meagan Good Talks Fears of Being Submissive Wife

By Christine Thomasos

Meagan Good is revealing that she may have had previous fears of submitting in marriage. READ MORE

Carol Maraj Carol Maraj Exclusive: Nicki Minaj's Mom Says Tithing Helped Rapper, Shares Gospel Music, Abuse

By Christine Thomasos

Carol Maraj could have been satisfied with giving birth to the Hip Hop sensation known to the world as Nicki Minaj, but the superstar's mother has much more to offer the world. READ MORE

Rachel Hendrix 'October Baby' Star Rachel Hendrix Talks New Faith-Based Film 'The Perfect Wave'

By Emma Koonse

Rachel Hendrix, who starred in 2011's "October Baby," is taking on another inspirational role in "The Perfect Wave" which hits theaters next month. READ MORE

Lecrae 'Anomaly' Album Cover Lecrae Drops New Album Cover for 'Anomaly' on Instagram and Twitter

By Vincent Funaro

Lecrae posted up new cover art for his upcoming album Anomaly earlier today. READ MORE

Ariana Grande on Overcoming Insecurity: 'It's the Hardest Thing I've Had to Overcome'

By Sami K. Martin

Ariana Grande is an inspiration to many but she wasn't always so comfortable in the spotlight and even with herself. Grande admitted in a new interview that the hardest thing she ever did was severing all contact with her father, Edward Butera.

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