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'Heaven Is for Real' Movie Generating Divided Christian Opinion

By Stoyan Zaimov

"Heaven Is for Real," the movie based on the near-death experience of a young boy who believes he visited heaven and met Jesus, is generating divided opinions among Christians on whether it presents a biblical message on heaven as it hits theaters Easter weekend. READ MORE

Candace Cameron Bure Candace Cameron Bure 'Dancing With the Stars' Costume Shocks Judges: 'I Was Totally Playing a Character!' She Says (VIDEO)

By Sami K. Martin

"Full House" alum Candace Cameron Bure transformed into a mermaid for Disney night on "Dancing With the Stars" this week. The performer was accompanied by partner Mark Ballas, who made the transition into a crab. READ MORE

Heaven Is for Real 'Heaven Is For Real' Review: A Hit for Skeptics, A Miss for Believers

By Vincent Funaro

Heaven is for Real tells the story of the small town Nebraskan Burpo family whose 4-year-old son Colton has a near death experience where he visits heaven and meets Jesus. READ MORE

passion of christ 'Passion of the Christ' UP TV Premiere Delivers Network's Highest Ever Ratings

By Stoyan Zaimov

The UP TV premiere of Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ" on Palm Sunday delivered the network's highest ever ratings among households and key demographics, nearly 10 years after the most successful Christian movie ever made opened in theaters. READ MORE

Jim Kelly Jim Kelly Miracle Prayed for by Thousands of Fans: Cancer Battle 'in the Lord's Hands,' Kelly Says

By Sami K. Martin

NFL Hall of Famer Jim Kelly is "praying for a miracle" as he begins chemotherapy and radiation treatments for cancerous tumors in his head. Doctors are optimistic about his prognosis, but Kelly still wants to have God on his side as he begins his battle against the disease. READ MORE

Tye Tribbett and Donnie McClurkin Celebration Of Gospel Exclusive: Taraji P. Henson Says Show Will 'Blow Your Head Back'

By Christine Thomasos

The BET Celebration of Gospel is not a new affair, but actress Taraji P. Henson is bringing a new twist to the show that she promises will leave viewers on the edge of their seats. READ MORE

Mark Burnett and Roma Downey at "The Bible Experience" opening night gala on March 19, 2013 in New York. Roma Downey on 'Son of God' Reception and Upcoming Project (INTERVIEW, VIDEO)

By Sami K. Martin

Actress and producer Roma Downey has had an eventful year, along with her husband, Mark Burnett, releasing "The Bible" on TV and "Son of God" on the big-screen. Downey spoke with The Christian Post about the success of "Son of God" and its importance during this Holy Week, as well as a new project that she and Burnett are working on for next year. READ MORE

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