Pope Francis Easter
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Resurrection of Christ is Culmination of the Gospel, Pope Francis Says

By Anugrah Kumar

Pope Francis celebrated Easter with more than 150,000 people in the Vatican on Sunday, and said in his message that the Resurrection of Christ is "the culmination of the Gospel." The pontiff also prayed for peace in Ukraine and Syria.

Captain of Sunken South Korean Ferry Arrested as 273 Students Remain Missing

By Anugrah Kumar

The 69-year-old captain and two crew members of a South Korean ferry that capsized earlier this week were arrested Saturday even as 273 people – mostly high school children aged 16 and 17 – remained missing and at least 30 others had been confirmed dead. The school's vice principal committed suicide out of guilt.

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A man stands in an empty street near a burning building hit by a mortar shell fired by Syrian Army soldiers, in the Zamalka neighbourhood of Damascus February 6, 2013.

Syrian Christian Mother Praying but Feeling Hopeless as Bombings Occur Every Day

By Stoyan Zaimov

A Syrian Christian mother said the country's civil war is continuing in full force, with street bombings and deaths an everyday occurrence. The mother said she is praying to God constantly, but is getting "tired of praying" and "tired of crying" in the midst of the hopelessness of the situation.

Easter is a time when Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, fulfilling centuries of prophecy about the Messiah. It is a holiday known for also featuring secular components like Easter eggs, candy, egg hunts, and the Easter bunny. Some of these traditions derive from pagan observances dating back to the Roman Empire, which some find troubling.

Flyers alleged to be distributed by pro-Russian separatist forces in the Eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk calling on its Jews to register with the government are reportedly fraudulent.

Palestinian Christians are complaining that Israeli authorities have intentionally excluded them from Holy Week celebrations in East Jerusalem by limiting entry permits to the week's festivities.

In a rare and powerful act of forgiveness, an Iranian mother and her husband forgave the man who killed their 18-year-old son during a street brawl seven years ago, then spared his life just moments before he was to be publicly executed for his crime.

A Ugandan man who converted to Christianity from Islam over 10 years ago has accused his relatives of trying to poison him to death late last month as retribution for his conversion.

World Round Up

Undated photo of Nigerian army.

Boko Haram Kidnaps Nearly 200 School Girls in Nigeria; Parents Facing 'Nightmare'

By Stoyan Zaimov

Islamic terrorist organization Boko Haram reportedly kidnapped nearly 200 girls from a boarding school in northeastern Nigeria.

The 15 children who vanished from a Mexico City children's shelter in 2008 run by a small evangelical sect had been given away to church members, according to Mexican authorities.

The roughly two million or so transgendered people in India will be recognized as a third gender following a ruling by India's Supreme Court.

Malta has become the 22nd European country to recognize same-sex unions and the 10th to allow gay couples to adopt children following a parliament vote, going against the warnings of the Roman Catholic Church, which is the official state religion.

People in North and South American who stayed up between 2 and 4:30 a.m. ET on Tuesday morning were able to catch the best view of the the "blood moon" lunar-eclipse, though those who missed it will have a follow-up opportunity in the near future.

The Syrian Army has recaptured the Christian town of Maaloula, along with the nearby villages of Sarkha and Jibbeh, from rebel forces, its state media announced Monday.

Ukraine's interim government has asked the United Nations to send peacekeeping troops in an effort to confront pro-Russian separatists who have gained an increasing amount of control in the country's eastern regions in recent days.


Gay Priest Defies Church of England and Marries Long-Time Partner; Conservatives Warn of 'Crisis'

A gay priest has become the first to defy the Church of England and marry his long-time partner following Britain's legalization of same-sex marriage. A conservative group has warned that there will be a "crisis" for the church if it fails to take disciplinary action.

71 Killed in Nigeria Bus Bombing; Catholic Priest Suspects Islamic Terrorists

Seventy-one people were killed and 124 were injured in a bus bombing attack in Abuja, Nigeria, on Monday. A Roman Catholic priest stated that Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram is likely the culprit.

Climate Change Action: Faith Community Called to Lead by Example

Pro-environment groups are calling on the faith community to come together and lead by example when it comes to taking action on climate change issues.

Jesus Beats Communism on Chinese Social Media

A Chinese social media survey from the beginning of April suggests that there may be more online conversations about Christianity than Communism.

David Cameron Says Britain Must Stand Up Against Global Christian Persecution, Urges Increased Evangelism

British Prime Minister David Cameron has said Christianity is now the most persecuted religion around the world, and that Britain should be "unashamed" in standing up against persecution of Christians and other religious groups.

Poland May Soon Recognize Church of 'Flying Spaghetti Monster' as Official Religion

The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, or Pastafarianism, may soon be recognized as an official religion in Poland after a court overturned a 2013 ruling against it.

Pope Francis Warns Satan Exists in 21st Century; Says Christians Live in Constant Battle Against Evil

Pope Francis has rejected the idea that it is "old-fashioned" to speak of Satan in the 21st century, warning that Christians live in constant battle against evil and urging people to turn to the Gospel to learn how to fight against temptations.

Church of Uganda Explains Support for Controversial Anti-Homosexuality Law

As Uganda continues to face international outrage over its Anti-Homosexuality Act, which was signed into law earlier this year, The Christian Post sought to get a better understanding of not only the bill but also how the churches in the East African country came to support it.

'Gospel of Jesus' Wife' Ancient Papyrus Is Not a Modern-Day Forgery, Harvard Says

The controversial "Gospel of Jesus' Wife" ancient papyrus is not a modern-day forgery, according to newly published research in the Harvard Theological Review which insists that the fragment where Jesus supposedly mentions His wife dates between the sixth to ninth centuries CE.

Catholic Church Is 'Only Institution Still Functioning' in War-Torn Central African Republic, Archbishop Says

The president of the Episcopal Conference of Cameroon said the Roman Catholic Church is the only institution that is still functioning in the war-torn Central African Republic, as he highlighted the violence that has cost thousands of lives.

Pastor Kong Hee's Lawyers Insist 'No Evidence' Exists Behind Accusation He Misused Church Funds to Finance Wife's Popstar Career

Defense lawyers for Singapore megachurch pastor Kong Hee have insisted that no evidence exists to prove that he and five other City Harvest Church leaders misused church funds to pay for the popstar career of Kong's wife, singer Sun Ho, as the trial entered its 42nd day.


Son of God

Roma Downey Hopes 'Son of God' and 'The Bible' Become Staple Easter Season Films

By Anugrah Kumar

Actress and producer Roma Downey hopes that "The Bible" mini-series and the film "Son of God" that she produced along with her husband, Mark Burnett, will become favorite films for Christians during the Easter season, just as "The Ten Commandments" and "The Greatest Story Ever Told" are staple annual films.

Todd Burpo, the Kansas-based pastor and author of Heaven Is for Real, which spawned a film released in theaters on Wednesday, told The Christian Post recently that while he believes the majority of Americans believe in the afterlife, they likely have given it little thought.

If you have ever wondered what sequence of events inspired the lyrics of the timeless Christian hymn "It is Well" by writer Horatio Spafford, theologian John Piper unveils the tempestuous story behind it during a hauntingly beautiful rendition of the song on Jimmy Needham's new album "The Hymn Sessions."

The Hallmark Channel has been receiving criticism from Christian viewers since it recently censored the word "God" during a re-run airing of the movie "It Could Happen to You." The network has responded by saying it muted the word "God" so as to not use the Lord's name in vain.

Tackling modern day resurrection stories is the subject of Johnny Clark's new documentary DEADRAISER, which explores the motivations and stories of several Christians who have decided to literally act on Jesus' words.

"Heaven Is for Real," the movie based on the near-death experience of a young boy who believes he visited heaven and met Jesus, is generating divided opinions among Christians on whether it presents a biblical message on heaven as it hits theaters Easter weekend.

EchoLight Studios, which released last year's adaptation of Max Lucado's "The Christmas Candle", told Deadline that the studio made the decision as a strategic attempt to draw the masses into churches.

Bubba Watson claimed his second Masters title in three years with a three stroke victory on Sunday.

Noah and God's Not Dead dropped out of the top five for the first time since the films were released in a weekend that saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier take first place for the second consecutive week.

Focus on the Family is planning a special one-night event, with the airing of "Irreplaceable," a documentary on the importance of family. The Christian Post spoke with the narrator and lead reporter of the documentary, Tim Sisarich, who spent a full year exploring the idea of family and its importance to Christians and society in general.

Erica Campbell may have the number one gospel album in the country, but she is also adding church leader to her resume with The California Worship Center.


Singing Irish Priest Father Ray Kelly Sings 'Hallelujah' on 'Late Late Show' (YouTube VIDEO)

Singing Irish Priest Father Ray Kelly has taken his online viral domination to the offline world. Recently, the priest from Oldcastle, County Meath, Ireland appeared on the country's "Late Late Show" to perform the rendition of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" he sang at the wedding of Chris and Leah O'Kane.

Watch Pope Francis Wash the Feet of Disabled and Elderly People in Rule-Breaking Ritual (VIDEO)

On Thursday, the Roman Catholic leader defied a traditional rule as he washed and kissed the feet of 12 people.

Billy Graham Preaches on the Crucifixion of Christ in Decades-Old Televised Easter Message (VIDEO)

Watch the renowned evangelist in another age of history preach the timeless truths of the Gospel.

Praise God With This Powerful Worship Song That Proclaims Jesus's Victory Over Death (VIDEO)

Kari Jobe leads Bethel Church in a moving performance of "Forever." This Easter weekend, be encouraged by this moving moment of worship.

These Conjoined Twins Have No Doubt They're Beautiful - Let Their Joy Inspire You (VIDEO)

Tatiana and Krista Hogan were born joined at the head and cannot be separated, but that doesn't stop them from living joyful lives. Let's learn from these 7-year-old twins.

See This Powerful Short Film About Jesus' Sacrifice to Inspire You on Good Friday (VIDEO)

Stunning imagery honors the crucifixion of Christ in a way you've never seen before.

Beautiful Illustrated Poem 'Bread of Heaven' Tells the Easter Story From Moses to Jesus (VIDEO)

In time for the Passion, a creative retelling of the Gospel that connects the manna to the body of Christ, the Bread of Life.

Bible Critic Says Jesus Isn't God, Stephen Colbert Leaves Him Speechless - You'll Be Cheering at the End (VIDEO)

Bart Ehrman talks about contradictions in the Bible, especially in Christ's crucifixion. However, Colbert is having none of it, and compares Jesus to an elephant in a way that totally makes sense. See their entertaining exchange!

'Heaven is For Real': Near Death Experiences Cause for Much Speculation

By Rev. Mark H. Creech

Near death experiences may be the cause for much speculation. However, the resurrection of Jesus, certainly the most attested historical event in human history, is proof there is life beyond the grave. What is more, it is a promise – a promise of the believer's own resurrection – a promise of eternal unspeakable joy for those who believe in Christ and follow Him all the way to the end.

I Was There: My Easter Experience

By Rick McDaniel

Pastor Rick McDaniel

As we walked through ancient Jerusalem I was enamored by much of what I saw but I was waiting for the ultimate site. Finally our trip leader brought us to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre built on the site where Jesus was crucified, buried and rose again. It was the middle of the afternoon on a Tuesday and the place was packed with people. For those who question the impact or future of Christianity you could never doubt it on that day. The numbers of people, of Christian pilgrims simply added to the experience for me.

The Agony of Betrayal: An Easter Message

By Will Graham

Will Graham

My friends, it's hard to not focus on the pain He endured for us. But, as we look at this Easter, I want you to consider another way Jesus was made to suffer in the moments before His crucifixion. Consider the emotional pain Christ endured as those who were closest to Him turned their backs.

Destruction in Disguise

By Greg Laurie

Harvest America

One of the first things I remember taking place when I committed my life to Jesus Christ was the erosion of bitterness and anger and the growth of a love I had not known before. Years of bitterness and anger that had been building up just began to dissolve.

What Was the Crucifixion Like?

By Frank Turek


What was the extent of the physical suffering Jesus endured at the crucifixion? Consider that the English word "excruciating" is from the Latin meaning "out of the crucifixion." I've found that the best way to comprehend the magnitude of the Christ's physical suffering on Good Friday is to read the following description that we've adapted from the work of medical doctor, C. Truman Davis.

Resurrection: It's Not Abstract or Hypothetical for Me, It's Personal

By Levi Lusko

Harvest America

Easter has always meant a lot to me, and in the life of our church, Easter Sundays have been historic times of outreach, growth and opportunity. However, the resurrection of Jesus has never meant more to me than it does right now.

Five Words in the News That Light Up Good Friday

By Ron Hutchcraft

Ron Hutchcraft

Good Friday's so much more than some religious holiday. It's very, very personal. I see in the horror of what He suffered, how costly, how grotesque my me-centered living really is. Why? Why would He pay the penalty I deserve?

It's Time We Wake Up and Know What World Leaders Support Abortion, Gay Marriage

By Larry Tomczak

Larry Tomczak

Billy Graham says that he is praying daily for spiritual awakening in America. Last week Rush Limbaugh expressed that the hope for America is an awakening. I think it's safe to say that most serious Christians concur.

Repealing Obamacare Would Increase the Deficit; Seriously?

By Ashley Pratte

Ashley Pratte

According to Obama, repealing Obamacare would increase the deficit. You're probably just as shocked as I am to hear this bold statement seeing as the public relations for Obamacare alone cost taxpayers millions of dollars more than anticipated and states such as Maryland are completely overhauling their websites—a huge waste of taxpayer dollars.

My People, My People: A Response to Christian Genocide From the Inside-Out

By K. A. Ellis

K. A. Ellis

The similarities between today's suffering church and the struggle of African American Christians throughout church history are striking.

Easter Hope; Based on Facts of History

By Jerry Newcombe

Jerry Newcombe

Jesus sells. That's why they have cover stories on Him in magazines and TV specials, even if some of them offer strange theories to try to explain away things like the original Easter.

Did Professor Advocate Censorship of Conservative Student Newspaper?

By Todd Starnes

Todd Starnes

University of Minnesota at Morris biology professor Dr. Paul Zachary Myers doesn't like young Republicans. In fact, he called them "a**holes."

'The Passion of the Christ' Provides 'Detergent For the Soul'

By A. Larry Ross

Larry Ross

Palm Sunday, April 13 marked the beginning of Holy Week, when Christian believers celebrate the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. That evening, 'The Passion of The Christ' made its commercial television debut on the UP Television Network.

A Shameful Day in Evangelical Christian Publishing

By Michael Brown

Michael Brown

For many years now, publishers have been releasing books that claim that the Bible does not oppose committed homosexual relationships. That is nothing new. But it is a sad and shameful day when a major Christian publisher releases such a book and claims that it is a solid evangelical publication. This is abhorrent, disgraceful, and terribly misleading. And it needs to be addressed and exposed.

Maundy Thursday and the Marriage Battle

By John Stonestreet

John stonestreet

Because the Thursday before Easter is known as Maundy Thursday, the day set aside on the Church calendar to remember the Last Supper. At this first celebration of communion, Jesus gave His disciples what He called "a new command" to love and serve one another.

Conformed or Transformed?

By Greg Laurie

greg laurie

That is what happens in the subtle process of the world influencing our lives. It's not necessarily dramatic, nor does it usually happen overnight. It is gradual, causing erosion in our lives as we begin to lower our standards.

Electronic Devices: Servants or Masters?

By Dr. Richard D. Land

Richard Land Portrait

Sometimes things come across your desk that stop you dead in your tracks, and you say, "That just can't be." And then you find out, "Yes, it can." This happened to me the other day when I read a news release that said that at least 40% of Americans (and 90% of under 30 millennials) are afflicted with "nomophobia"—the fear of not having, or losing, their smartphones.

Deception: Christian Publisher Sells Soul for Mammon

By Matt Barber

Matt Barber

WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group is planning to release, through its liberal sister imprint Convergent Books, a manuscript paradoxically titled God and the Gay Christian: The Biblical Case in Support of Same-Sex Relationships.

Sebelius May Be Obama's Late Term Abortion

By Ron Hart

Ron Hart

Outgoing HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius hopes ObamaCare covers injuries sustained from being shoved out a door.

Easter and the Persecuted Church: Time of Celebration, Danger

By Dr David Curry

David Curry Open Doors USA

For most Christians, Easter is much more than Easter egg hunts and new Sunday clothing to wear to church. Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of our Lord. For the most part, Christians in the West flock to churches in safety.

The Year of the Bible in Hollywood?

By Janet Parshall

Janet Parshall

If Hollywood is right and this really is the Year of the Bible in movies, then it's not possible to talk about biblical films without highlighting the one movie that has impacted the world by changing the eternal destination of multiple millions.

Are American Pastors Prophetic or Just Professional?

By Larry Tomczak

Larry Tomczak

Last week another minister and I invested days in a major city trying to equip leaders on the radical gay agenda and how to respond. A recent Barna survey found 97 percent of pastors affirming gay marriage as wrong, yet only 31 percent plan to address the issue! How was the attendance for this well-publicized event?

Hosanna, He is Risen

By Bob Morrison

Bob Morrison

This is always one of the hardest weeks to understand for Christians. We are taken to the scene of the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, his pathway strewn with palm fronds. His arrival was greeted by happy worshipers singing "Hosanna to the Son of David. Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord."

Nobody Expects the Rainbow Inquisition

By Eric Metaxas

Eric Metaxas

For the past several decades, the scope of what constitutes protected and permissible speech has been narrowing. Views that were commonplace in 2008 are regarded as beyond the pale now. Evidently, the only way to get back into good graces is to publicly recant your position.

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